The three pillars of my WordPress maintenance service are security, performance, and education. The reason I’m so passionate about keeping your website secure and running at peak performance levels is simple: I want to help you learn to promote your website so you can communicate your message to your target audience.

There are many ways to promote your website online, but don’t forget about print advertising to reach offline customers.

Promote Your Website…in Print

Some of my own clients have used printed postcards for offline advertising. Digital printing has made it possible to print small quantities. That means you can create a custom postcard for a specific promotion or to target a particular niche and print exactly what you need. That means money, time, and resources saved.

I have done many custom postcard designs over the years, but lately I have been seeing some awesome postcard templates that help streamline the design process. Oh, and they can also save you money!

I’ve found a few “bundle” deals of various postcard templates* that suit a variety of needs. Each of these can be adapted to help promote your website.

If you have your own design software (Photoshop, InDesign, etc.) you can use these templates to create your own postcards. But even if you don’t have software (or time!) you can send the template to your designer and save some time and money on design (I can help with that!).

5 Corporate Business Postcard Bundle

As the name implies, these designs have a real corporate appeal. But because they’re clean and colourful, with lots of room for your message, they’re perfect for small businesses. $11

Buy this Postcard Package (expired)

9 Corporate Business Postcard Bundle

This bundle sounds similar to the previous one, but these 9 postcard templates give you a bit more options beyond office-style business designs. You also get designs oriented toward education, fitness, medical, kids’ camp, and photography services. $15

Buy this Postcard Package (expired)

Business Sale Postcard Mailer 8.5 x 5.5

Don’t be put off by the large size. This design can easily be re-sized to standard postcard format. If you’ve got a hot sale or special event coming up or want to promote your website, this one will catch the attention of everyone. $6

Buy this Postcard Package

Fall Festival Flyer & Postcard

Here’s a nice combination for Autumn. Planning a Thanksgiving special or a harvest event? This vintage style design is warm and inviting. $6

Buy this Postcard Package

Product Offer Postcard / Flyer

This postcard features a clean modern design with room for a few photos of your product, facility, or your team. The focal point of this design is the special offer at the top (eg. “20% off”). Why not use this to lead people to your website where they can subscribe to your newsletter or sign up for a special event? $6

Buy this Postcard Package

5 Corporate Business Postcard Bundle – For the Solo Business Professional

For the “solopreneur” these templates keep your face in front of existing and potential clients. All colours, images, and messages can be modified, giving you the freedom to adapt these layouts to your existing brand. $15

Buy this Postcard Package (expired)

5 Communications Company Postcards

Don’t let the title turn you away if you’re not in the communications business. These postcard designs are great to show off your small team and the services you offer. $15

Buy this Postcard Package (expired)

Chalk Sale Postcard

And finally, here’s a unique design taken from the chalkboard sign idea. Use this card to promote in-store specials or to promote your website and generate leads to your online store. $8

Buy this Postcard Package (expired)

About Steady Digital

We provide a WordPress maintenance plan to ease concerns like:

  • Is my website performing at peak performance so visitors get the best experience possible?
  • Do I have regular backups of my website in case something happens to my web server?
  • What if my website gets hacked?
  • How can I get up-to-date, professional training so I can use my website better?
  • Who can I trust to do the updates that are beyond my technical or creative abilities?

Tired of trying to maintain your own website? A WordPress maintenance plan might be the solution for you.

* Denotes affiliate link. If you a make a purchase through these link, I may receive a commission. You will not pay more by clicking these links; the partner company pays me a small commission for recommending them to you.

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