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18 Relationship Marketing Quotes for 2018

Relationship marketing is all about building “strong connections with customers by providing them with information directly suited to their needs and interests” but more specifically, as Steve Olenski on observed, it’s about emotional connections. When you create marketing content—an ad, brochure, website, video, packaging, etc—you want to touch your target audience’s emotions. You connect with […]

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Top Vancouver Printers for Various Business Needs

At least once a month someone asks me for a recommendation for a quality Vancouver printer. With so many printing options available, it’s hard to create a list of the “best Vancouver printers.” One business might have a fantastic experience with a particular printer, while another business had a printing project that went all wrong […]

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Canadian Businesses using WordPress

You’re probably not surprised to hear of small and local Canadian businesses using WordPress to power their websites. Because WordPress is open-source (i.e. “free”), developing a small business website based on WordPress is an affordable option for most small businesses. And there are many WordPress resources available to extend the features of a website. Additionally, […]

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Rebrand from Steady Graphics to Steady Digital

I’ve been thinking about changing my Steady Graphics business name for a couple of years. This past Spring, I finally did it. Here are a few reasons for the name change: Steady Graphics no longer reflects the nature of my work The “steady” part remains the same. My desire to offer stable, reliable service to […]

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