Canadian Businesses using WordPress

You’re probably not surprised to hear of small and local Canadian businesses using WordPress to power their websites. Because WordPress is open-source (i.e. “free”), developing a small business website based on WordPress is an affordable option for most small businesses. And there are many WordPress resources available to extend the features of a website. Additionally, […]

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Rebrand from Steady Graphics to Steady Digital

I’ve been thinking about changing my Steady Graphics business name for a couple of years. This past Spring, I finally did it. Here are a few reasons for the name change: Steady Graphics no longer reflects the nature of my work The “steady” part remains the same. My desire to offer stable, reliable service to […]

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WordPress hosting companies and customer support

  This month, I was reminded how important it is for WordPress hosting companies to have great support. Here are three scenarios involving Steady Sites clients using three different hosting companies. I won’t mention specific hosting company names because this is not an actual review of their support services. If you want to discuss names […]

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