1 WordPress Maintenance Resources – November 30, 2014

  Welcome to the inaugural post of Maintenance Monday, a collection of resources for WordPress website owners. These resources will be targeted at small business owners and managers rather than WordPress developers (although as a small business owner, you might be the web developer too!). There are tons of online resources for developers, but this […]

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  • November 30, 2014
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1 Using WordPress for an Intranet

I recently did some research for someone who wanted to update their company intranet. Although I have been developing websites with WordPress for a number of years, I have never thought of using it WordPress for an intranet. My first task was to determine some of the basic reasons companies use an intranet. Then I […]

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Be Bold.

If you can’t be Bold, be Italic. If you’ve been doing page layout on a desktop computer for a while, you will remember one of the original pro applications, Aldus PageMaker. The one-time competitor to the mighty QuarkXPress, PageMaker (which became Adobe PageMaker in 1993 and later shelved by Adobe in favour of InDesign) eventually […]

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Jump on the Banding Wagon for Package Labelling

A recent survey of packaging trends reveals more than half of shoppers prefer to see the product they are considering purchasing. The reasons vary, but it seems that while many simply prefer to see the product, others do not trust images and descriptions on packaging. In the food products industry, this is particularly important. Consumers have […]

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Four Prescriptions for the Busyness Syndrome

About ten years ago, I began to notice that one of the more common replies to the question, “How are you?” was not “Fine”, “Good, thanks”, or some other personal sentiment. Instead, more people started replying, “Busy.” In the graphics industry, everyone is under constant pressure of deadlines – from marketing concept to design to […]

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