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WordPress hosting companies and customer support

  This month, I was reminded how important it is for WordPress hosting companies to have great support. Here are three scenarios involving Steady Sites clients using three different hosting companies. I won’t mention specific hosting company names because this is not an actual review of their support services. If you want to discuss names […]

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Updating WooCommerce Makes me Cringe

If you have an online store based on the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, you probably have your own stories of updating WooCommerce. This post describes my own experience, how I’ve come to terms with major WooCommerce updates, and how to avoid (or at least minimize) significant problems after updating. If you’ve been running a WordPress website […]

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Optimizing Photos for a WordPress Website

Why is optimizing photos important for your website, and what does that mean anyway? As I’ve written elsewhere, it is important that your website displays content (text, images, video, etc.) for visitors as quickly as possible. If people have to wait more than a few seconds to find the information they’re looking for, they might […]

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