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Updating WooCommerce Makes me Cringe

If you have an online store based on the most popular WordPress e-commerce solution, you probably have your own stories of updating WooCommerce. This post describes my own experience, how I’ve come to terms with major WooCommerce updates, and how to avoid (or at least minimize) significant problems after updating. If you’ve been running a WordPress website […]

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Asking for WordPress Support

One of the gifts that WordPress offers website owners is the freedom to create unique content and easily publish it for anyone to access. WordPress offers a do-it-yourself option that is limited only by a website owner’s time and desire to do it alone. But after a while it’s easy to forget that there are […]

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Can a Membership Site Help Your Local Business?

What is a membership site? In the “offline” world, we’re familiar with the membership concept. Most of us pay membership fees for things like fitness (gym membership), recreation (team sports), and everyday items (warehouse clubs). Membership is a common feature of life these days. It creates value for the customer and loyalty (and recurring revenue) for the […]

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