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Responsive Images and WordPress 4.4

If you look after updating your own WordPress website, you’ve probably noticed that version 4.4 was launched recently (if you haven’t noticed, make sure you update today! WordPress updates often contain important security enhancements). There are a few new features (you can read about all the WordPress 4.4 features here if you’re interested) but one […]

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1 WordPress Hosting & Updates Improve Website Performance

Four Factors that Affect WordPress Performance As your website grows, you might find that visitors and customers tell you your website seems slow. While there are many factors that affect website speed, there are some basic techniques that most website owners can use to improve WordPress performance. This is the first article in a 3-part series on foundational […]

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1 Two Simple Benefits of Improving Your WordPress Website Speed

Increased Traffic Could Be Impacting Your WordPress Website Speed As you add content to your website and the daily traffic—the number of visitors—to your website increases, it can get pretty exciting. After all, that’s the goal of most website owners. You want to share your amazing products. You want to let more people know how your services […]

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