Design and Production for Print Projects

Spend more time on what Matters to You.

I started in the graphics industry in the field of digital prepress. Since then, I have worked on a wide variety of projects that include packaging, signage, marketing collateral/advertising—even book covers and coffee tables books.

Collaboration with marketing managers and creative directors is my specialty and I love to see brilliant ideas move from concept to completion.

Print production refers to the work I do with existing brands and designs.

Scenario A

A design studio or agency has created an awesome design for their client. That might include a logo, colour scheme, photos, or other graphic elements. Now that design must be repurposed to be used in a variety of packaging applications, sell sheets, or point of purchase display. The time it takes to produce these materials can be onerous for a design studio that specializes in creating fresh new designs.

I work with such studios and agencies as an “invisible” team member to help relieve the detailed production tasks so designers can stay focused on creative tasks.

Scenario B

Some small or medium sized businesses have an in-house marketing manager and/or designer who manages the company’s brand. At certain times of the year, the company needs additional graphic design and production support in order to produce new packaging and other marketing collateral.

I work with companies like this to help relieve the detailed production tasks so marketing managers can stay focused on marketing tasks, and creatives can stay focused on new designs.

Project Gallery

I don’t show many samples of my work because I don’t always create original designs. So, showing a photo of a package, poster, or point-or-purchase display might lead people to believe that I designed the whole thing. In fact, I might have taken the logo, branding guidelines, and a supplied dieline and created a layout for my client to send to their printer.

That’s not to say I don’t ever create original designs. I simply prefer to work with creative designers and innovative marketing managers.

In the samples below, click/tap the images for a larger view.

Let’s Connect

As of winter 2024, I am available for 1-2 new print clients.

If you’re looking for:

  • Help for your ongoing graphic production needs
  • Production support for your in-house design team
  • Design and/or production for a specific project

Please contact me to discuss details. If I can’t do the work myself, I can probably refer you to a graphics pro who can.