From Steady Graphics to Steady DigitalI’ve been thinking about changing my Steady Graphics business name for a couple of years. This past Spring, I finally did it.

Here are a few reasons for the name change:

Steady Graphics no longer reflects the nature of my work

The “steady” part remains the same. My desire to offer stable, reliable service to my clients has not changed.

But “graphics” doesn’t really describe what I do.

Some people think of graphics as original designs or illustrations. While I do create some designs, it’s not my specialty.

Some people think of graphics as print media only. I do work on projects that get printed on paper, but that’s not all I do.

I needed a term to replace “graphics” that doesn’t make people think I only create original illustrations or print media only.

My work involves assisting creative designers, marketing managers, and business owners with their promotional efforts in print AND online. Some of the work I do goes to print. Some goes online. But all of it is digital.

“Graphics” is an older term that is not as clearly understood

As I said above, people have different views of what “graphics” means. They understand the role of “graphic designer” differently.

I often refer to my role as “graphic designer” (because it’s an easier introduction) but technically I’m more of a graphic production artist. That means while I might do some creative work, most of my services are digital marketing support.

I needed a single platform for both print and web services

I initially setup to promote all my various services.

A few years later, once I started offering website maintenance services, I setup to focus on the WordPress maintenance side of my work.

As the WordPress services grew, I realized that about half my time was spent on print projects and the other half on WordPress website work. Both Steady websites needed my attention. But having two sites is not only hard to maintain, it confused some people. merges all my services into one website, and focuses on what I do.

I wanted to target my local market

Having a .CA website helps to show the world that I am based in Canada. I’m not limited to serving Canadian clients, but this is where the majority of my clients live and work. In a global economy, I’m proud of being able to live and work where my clients do. Doing business locally is not always possible, but it’s an important part of my work.

Opportunities for new services

As the world of marketing continues to shift, so do my services. Steady Digital Marketing Support is a name that allows me to take the focus away from the specific medium (print or web) and onto support services for marketers and designers.

If you have questions or comments about the Steady Digital rebrand, please contact me or comment below.

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