Small Matters - September 19, 2023

Caring for your WordPress website

Website Education

For content writers who need to provide professional looking academic citations or footnotes, there are a variety of WordPress plugins. These tools make it easier to create these important details in academic, scientific, or professional online articles.

Need to create a fast table of contents or a glossary of technical terms? There are great plugins for that too. Check out the list of plugins here.

Caring for Your Business

Marketing Inspiration

Every small business owner wants positive, helpful customer reviews.

With so many potential customers using Google to find the products and services they need, it’s critical that your business listing has a good number of Google reviews.

But how do you get more Google reviews?

You can ask existing customers after they visit, of course. But what about after hours?

On your website, you can provide an easy way for people to leave reviews. It can be a lengthy process, but there’s a great plugin to make Google reviews much easier. Check it out.

Caring for Yourself


Wherever you find yourself these days on the ubiquitous question of Artificial Intelligence (AI), there are many influential voices helping us on the journey to “wrapping our minds—and maybe even our hearts—around the new reality of AI.”

That way of thinking goes beyond wondering whether robots will take our jobs or worse, render humans redundant.

In this recent On Being podcast, Krista Tippet interviewed LinkedIn’s co-founder, Reid Hoffman. While they do not ignore the “many reasonable anxieties” surrounding AI, Hoffman is hopeful (and working toward solutions) that these new technologies will “help us elevate our humanity.”

Let’s hope he’s right. And maybe go beyond hoping. Maybe we can find our won small ways to work toward the ideals Hoffman promotes.

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