Small Matters - October 10, 2023

Caring for your WordPress website

Website Content

With so many businesses and organizations creating AI-generated content using tools such as ChatGPT, it is vital for website managers to be good editors.

In the book publishing world, even the most famous authors understand that good editing is vital for a book’s success.

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You might have no desire to write or publish a book. But if you’re posting written content on your website for your customers and target audience to read, you also need to be an editor.

The rapid adoption of AI writing tools such as ChatGPT is shifting the role of website copywriters to become editors of AI-generated content.

In this excellent overview of AI-generated content, the author notes the importance of humanizing your writing. This takes work.

Humanize your AI-generated content by first knowing who your audience is. Edit the content with one specific person in mind, as if you were speaking to that person.

Key Tips:

  • Use natural sounding language
  • Include your own personality
  • Tell stories

Developing your personality in writing (and editing)—also known as your writer’s voice—takes time and effort.

Yes, AI tools make the writing process much easier. But in writing, like any craft or trade, the effectiveness of the tools ultimately depends on the skill and proficiency of the person using them. Expertise is essential in achieving a superior end product, regardless of the quality of the tools.

Caring for Your Business

Content Marketing

Humor is one aspect of personality you can add to your website content. Just make sure it’s authentic (reflects you and/or your organization’s values) and appropriate (for your target audience).

Content ToolKit

You can find many great resources online to help your content creation and marketing efforts. A great place to start is The Content Marketing Starter Kit from SEMRush.

Caring for Yourself

Being Well

If trying to manage your website content marketing efforts feels overwhelming or is causing you anxiety right now, you might need to step away for a break.

Maybe it’s time for a workout or a walk. Maybe you could savor a cup of tea or coffee.

I found this 10-minute self-compassion exercise video led by Thupten Jinpa a helpful reminder to be kind to myself and remember my place in the grander picture.

It’s a small exercise, but small matters.

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