Small Matters - April 25, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site


While many small business owners prefer to outsource WordPress security tasks to a web developer, it is possible to do it yourself.

This Ultimate WordPress Security Guide is kept up-to-date and is an extensive guide for website managers.

If you’re considering the DIY route, this guide might help your decision.

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Performance / SEO

Is your website accessible?

Many web designers and website owners overlook the needs of people with disabilities. Little features like subtitles on videos or alt-tags on important images can make your website more accessible. While it might seem like an overwhelming technical task, this article suggests some helpful places to start, including some useful plugins.

Caring for Clients

Have you noticed the recent trend in newer websites to have large or bold typography? Or have you noticed websites with barely any type and a large hero image?

According to this article, both designs are trending. Whatever your design preference, it’s interesting that in a world of images and video, the written word still has power in online communication.

Caring for Yourself

The longer you work at a job or entrepreneurial venture, the more you’ll hear about burnout.

Maybe you’ve already been there, done that.

Creative people are certainly not immune to burnout. This artist offers her experience, with some very helpful tips.

Key Takeaway: We’ve mentioned work-life balance before, but Teng suggests “work-life integration.”


Need a positive boost?

Positively Positive is a WordPress-based website loaded with inspirational articles.

Positively Positive website


I’ve used many WordPress themes and site builders over the years. Some have been a joy to work with and others…not so much.

My platform/theme of choice for the past few years has been Kadence WP.

I like Kadence for the beautiful selection of start themes, the ease and flexibility of modifying page elements, and the powerful header options. It is also ranked as one of the faster performing site builders.

I’m a stickler for quality support from any tool provider, and Kadence support is fast and usually above-and-beyond my expectations.

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