Small Matters - June 6, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site

Website Education

Writing catchy introductions might be the most challenging yet important part of creating your articles or blog posts.

This concise guide to creating short juicy hooks will help you explain to readers the purpose and value of your article.

It describes three types of intros: The Quote Intro, The Scene-Setting Intro, and The Fun Fact or Statistic Intro.

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Caring for Your Business


Among the vast resources available for WordPress website managers, there are many great email list building and newsletter options to choose from.

I’ve found Mailchimp to be a great place to start for most small organizations.

Mailchimp is free for up to 2000 active subscribers, it integrates well with WordPress, and mail deliverability rates are quite good. Additionally, you’ll also find many starter templates to build your newsletter.

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Caring for Yourself


We’re living the Information Age dream.

These days, with email, instant messaging, mobile devices, and more, the pressure to stay always connected is on. Certainly, this is true for those managing websites.

I’ve found these mental self-care tips quite helpful. For example, the idea of taking real time off (evening, weekends, and vacations) and letting people know you’re unavailable is a bold yet healthy choice.

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