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We live in an age of multiple communication tools such as email, text, social media, video conference, phone, and even the old-fashioned in-person meeting.

We all have our preferred communication tools.

I like email because it helps create a record of past conversions I can refer to when my memory fails me.

But I know small business owners and managers who prefer to speak with potential customers over the phone rather than use electronic options like email.

I’ve talked with some business people who express frustration because they’ve missed or never received email notifications from their website contact forms. Online forms are great, but they’re imperfect (like all communication tools).

If you prefer talking to customers on the phone rather than email, you might consider adding a click-to-call button on your website.

This communication tool is especially helpful for mobile browser visitors because they can simply tap a button and connect with you via phone call in a matter of seconds.

You can add a click-to-call button on your website yourself, or let me know if I can help.

Caring for Your Business


How do you know if your website is reaching into geographic regions you service or hope to service?

One strategy that used to be very popular with online marketers is creating geo pages. I’ve created geo-pages for clients in the past. While this is still possible, you really need to be careful.

Geo pages are web pages that contain content meant to target people in a specific city or region that is outside your business’s physical address. It sort of works (sometimes depending on your industry), but you need to be careful that Google does not flag these pages as “doorway” pages (aka spam).

One good option recommended in this article is to include customer testimonials from those cities or regions. Another good question to ask: Is it really worth trying to get customers outside your service area? Will they be as good customers as those in your business’s location?

You can read more about ways of trying to rank on search engines in areas beyond your physical location. But let me summarize: whether you choose to modify your Google Business page to include other cities and communities or create geo pages on your website that include other city names and details, make sure you actually service those areas. If you can prove it, consider posting testimonials from customers or clients who live in those areas.

Caring for Yourself


Running a small business or non-profit is full of energetic opportunities. And that can be tiring.

Being tired after a busy day is okay. Being tired or weary all the time is not. Your persistent weariness might be a sign of burnout, which some experts consider epidemic in our culture.

Among the helpful suggestions to avoid burnout in this article, I appreciate the reminder to pause and write down my thoughts as I reflect on questions like:

  • At this moment, what is echoing in my mind?
  • How do I feel? What is my heart telling me?
  • What was difficult today? 
  • What made me smile today?
  • What is something new I experienced? How did it make me feel? 

What about you? What helps you avoid burnout (or recover from it)?

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