Small Matters - July 4, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site

Website Education

Have you heard about website domain authority? Here’s a quick explainer video to what’s known as website domain authority (DA).

Domain authority concerns the likelihood of your website ranking higher in search engines. DA depends on many factors. So, while this video is a helpful introduction, remember that SEO takes time and effort.

Website Performance

If you want to use a caching plugin to help improve your WordPress website performance, don’t bother with all the free plugins, just pay the $60/year and use WP Rocket.

Caring for Your Business


How do you communicate your organization’s brand to your target audience?

Most people like a good story.

Here’s a basic guide to brand storytelling. It might be all you need to wow your customers. Learn how to tell a story that builds an emotional connection between your brand and the audience you serve.

Caring for Yourself


Even if your business is not in a “creative” industry, as a website manager trying to attract people to your business or organization, you need to be creative.

Some days, there’s no end to the flow of creative juices. Other days, the well runs dry.

woman working at desk with possible creative block

To refill your creative tank and avoid creative blocks, you might try some of these tips:

  • Listen to music
  • Take a break
  • Exercise
  • Celebrate past creative projects
  • Find inspiration nearby
  • Mindmap

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