Small Matters - February 20, 2024

Caring for your WordPress website

WordPress Security

Some email phishing scams are pretty convincing. Let’s be honest: we’ve all clicked on a link in an email, believing it to be legitimate.

An email phishing scam looks like it’s from a service that you use but it’s not. The sender is literally—okay, digitally—fishing for your email address, or other personal information.

They cast their nets so widely that eventually they catch a few of us. Or several.

Last week a client forwarded an email to me from what appeared to be the hosting service we use for their website. They said we were due for a password update.

I had seen enough emails from the service that I thought it was real. But there was something about the wording that triggered a question in my head.

Unfortunately, I ignored that small voice in my head. Yup, I clicked the link.

Fortunately, I happened to see a brief redirection in my browser that took me to a login page that looked odd. I returned to the email and checked the actual URL of the link (by simply mouse-hovering over it) and I saw the scammer’s true URL.

I advised my client to ignore the message and delete the email.

So, as I’ve said before, be careful what you click on. And be especially aware of recent email phishing scams like this one that appear to be from WordPress, telling you you need to install a plugin that purportedly patches a security vulnerability.

Caring for Your Business


Do you have a digital marketing plan for your business?

Mine is a little loose and needs more focus. This article has given me some great ideas for a better strategy.

You might be inclined to avoid creating a digital marketing plan because you don’t have a big budget. But the article has some great points about evaluating your business, creating an action plan, considering your target audience and your competitors.

Caring for Yourself


It’s great to set goals. While we have no control over the future, it’s helpful to make realistic plans, hoping and working to make them a reality.

I’ve recently come across the term “Holistic Goal Setting.”

Setting holistic goals means planning things you want to achieve in a way that goes beyond just ticking boxes. It’s about including what matters to you personally—your values, well-being, and long-term vision.

Think of it as balancing your success with the overall picture of your life, considering your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Firefly ai-generated graphic concept of well-being
AI-generated with Adobe Firefly (and some creative human text prompts)

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