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Caring for your WordPress website

WordPress Performance

WordPress website managers using video for the first time sometimes ask me the best way to add video to their website. I almost always suggest that they first upload videos to YouTube (or Vimeo). We can then embed the video wherever they want on the website to be viewed on page or in YouTube or Vimeo.

These well-known video services make it so easy to upload your videos. Their video players are universal, so anyone can access videos from any device.

On the other hand, hosting videos on your own website can get complicated and uses too many resources.

This article provides a helpful introduction to embedding YouTube videos on your WordPress website (embedding Vimeo is just as easy).

Caring for Your Business


Recently, I’ve heard people saying (and I echo the opinion) that they would rather spend less time browsing the web for content and only read e-newsletters that they subscribe to.

If you have an email newsletter, this article has a wealth of quick and simple tips. For example, consider simplifying your initial subscription form to include only a field for an email address and a subscribe button. Don’t even worry about getting a first name. You can always get details later about subscribers who decide to stay with you.

Think of how retail store sales people treat first-time customers. The employee might have a name tag so customers know them, but employees don’t usually ask for customers’ names. However, if a customer returns regularly, the employee might get details like name, age, gender, marital status, or shoe size.

Who knows? It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Caring for Yourself


When it comes to email newsletters, I confess that I’m a bit of an e-hoarder. When I subscribe to a list or newsletter, I sometimes find it hard to click the Unsubscribe button. It’s easier to simply delete the email without reading it.

But is that helpful, really? It doesn’t help the sender of the newsletter because they think they’ve got a big list of interested subscribers (of course, if they’re on top of things, they will unsubscribe me after too many un-opens).

But it also doesn’t help me. Collecting unwanted things—physical or electronic—is not a healthy practice.

So here’s a decluttering experiment:

Pick one email newsletter that regularly lands in your Inbox. Read through it and take note of at least one helpful thing that you put into practice or respond to in some meaningful way.

For example:

  • Did you learn something about a product or skill that you can use to improve your work life?
  • Did you learn something meaningful about the world around you?
  • Are you encouraged to live healthier or more whole-heartedly?
  • Did you get a boost of inspiration, big or small?

Try this experiment for the next five emails from this one sender. If you cannot answer Yes to at least one of the above questions, maybe it’s time to hit Unsubscribe.

Fear not. You can always subscribe again if you miss it that badly.

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AI-generated with Adobe Firefly (and some creative human text prompts)

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