Small Matters - March 14, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site


When I started using WordPress in 2009, clients would often express concern about security. I hear that less often these days, but the concern is still out there.

Rest assured, WordPress is secure, and it’s getting even better.

It’s kind of like asking, “Is my car secure?”

Yes it is, but you should have good insurance coverage and a maintenance schedule. You need to be careful where you park, lock your doors, don’t leave valuables where thieves can easily access them, maybe invest in an alarm system, etc.

It takes some careful attention and a bit of routine maintenance.

The best and easiest place to start with WordPress security is keeping the WP core, themes, and all plugins up to date.

Additionally, Sucuri has a nice list of practical WordPress security tips.

Performance / SEO

Search engine optimization? Sounds pretty technical and time consuming, right?

Of course, SEO is both technical and time intensive. It can also get pretty expensive.

But what if a starting point were as easy as telling a story?

One of the best places to start with SEO is creating quality content that communicates to your target audience.

This article from Yoast gives some great tips for storytelling in your blog posts.


Like a great storefront location with clear signage, your website should be attracting ideal customers.

To increase website traffic, try some of these practical tips, like creating free valuable resources, interview people on your website, or write an article based on a common question customers ask you.

In addition to those tips, search these resources to find fresh ideas for your blog.

Caring for Clients

Last week, a client texted me to show that a certain website page included an unwanted (but not inappropriate) image whenever someone shared a URL via text messaging.

WordPress automatically includes an image from the page content whenever there is no Featured Image set.

So, the solution is simple: make sure you have a Featured Image set on each page and/or post. If you cannot find a suitable image for a page, you can also use your logo. That way, your logo shows up every time someone shares one of your web pages via text.

Read more about WordPress Featured Images.

Caring for Yourself

Hopefully you’re not tired of hearing about work-life balance. If so, maybe a relaxing weekend might help. 😉

For creatives—especially those who work from home—finding a good balance can be as simple as a remembering the basics: establish a daily rhythm, take breaks, designate a work-only space, and stay engaged with peers.

Read more about Work-Life Balance in an Artist’s World.


I had been hearing about the benefits of Siteground web hosting for a long time before I finally started migrating client site to them. I’ve tried others but Siteground is definitely my go-to.

Server stability and performance is priority, of course, but after that, the biggest reason I recommend Siteground is their support. When I have questions or things go wrong, support response is fast and effective.

To celebrate their 19th anniversary, Siteground is running a limited-time birthday deal. Until March 31, 2023, get 83% off hosting.

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