Small Matters - November 21, 2023

Caring for your WordPress website

Website Performance

There are many factors to consider when choosing reliable WordPress plugins.

Whenever I start working with someone’s WordPress website, one of my first tasks is to explore their list of plugins.

In addition to updating plugins, I also make sure they all play nicely together. Sometimes, I discover plugins with duplicate functions or plugins that are not really needed. This helps reduce the number of plugins used, which can help speed up your website. A faster site makes for a better experience for visitors.

However, the number of plugins is really not as important as the quality of plugins you use and how compatible they are with other plugins and your website theme.

To make things more interesting, even well-built, popular plugins can slow your site down.

So how do you ensure you have reliable WordPress plugins?

Like most life decisions, you need to decide where to compromise. You want a lean website so you don’t lose visitors (or search engine ranking) due to content not loading fast enough. But you also want cool features that are useful and serve your your visitor well.

So fear not. It’s possible to find a perfect (well, nearly perfect) balance. It just takes time evaluating and re-evaluating periodically.

Caring for Your Business


Reducing your list of WordPress plugins may not be high on your priority list. But it is a healthy business principle. Reducing unnecessary things in your business (and life) can free you up for what’s really important to you.

You have to be ferocious about cutting your priorities—more than you realize and certainly more than is comfortable. You can only deeply commit to a few things. One or two? Maybe three? Every pretty good, sorta nice, kinda fun thing you abandon is like shedding a weighted vest that lets you move at top speed. You were so busy focusing on how much you could carry, you never realized you could run this fast.

James Clear – Source

Caring for Yourself


And speaking of shedding unnecessary things, here’s a creative reminder to remember how amazing it is just to be you, and to be thankful for your one, precious life.

And another image reminder…

AI-generated painting of woman alone on a hilltop, open field, surrounded by busy crowds, city in distance
AI-generated with Adobe Firefly

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