Small Matters - October 3, 2023

Caring for your WordPress website

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Entrepreneurs and marketing managers often struggle to find time for creative small business content ideas for their websites.

With so many people talking about AI and how easy it is to create content with tools like ChatGPT, how do you stand out and not sound like a robot?

A few of the tips in this article on small business content ideas highlight the importance of getting others to talk about their real-life experience that also focuses on your expertise.

For example:

  • Get staff to test and review your products
  • Write case studies to show how you helped customers
  • Interview your employees

Those ideas are difficult for robots…for now. 😉

Caring for Your Business


Sometimes, you might wish you were a robot. We humans tend to make lots of mistakes.

What do you do when you mess up at your job? How do you handle letting down a customer?

Years ago, I worked in a high-stress shop where things went wrong on a daily basis. It was the nature of the industry. Our work depended on other businesses providing us their work, which we then turned into another product for another business.

We were the middlemen. And when mistakes happened, the fingers started pointing. People immediately tried to figure out who or which business to blame.

As a supervisor, my challenge was to fix problems quickly. I knew that the end customers were more concerned about us solving problems than blaming others. In fact, they often didn’t care.

However, when they did, it hurt our business. Sometimes, an apology is appreciated but not enough.

In those cases, the important question when we mess up shifts from Why did this happen? to What can I learn from this?

It’s in the humble process of learning that we improve and grow. All the while remembering that we are imperfect and we will likely mess up again.

Caring for Yourself

Being Well

Of course, sometimes we make mistakes because we are trying to do too much.

There are many ways to become un-busy.

You might be feeling so overwhelmed with tasks, responsibilities, and expectations. You feel like you have no choice but to push through.

But you do have a choice. Being too busy is a choice. So is being un-busy.

A wooden pathway, meandering through a field of high grass and reed
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