Small Matters - May 23, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site

Website Performance

Over the years, I’ve designed some responsive WordPress websites that use sticky menus. Take my own website, for example. As you scroll down the page, the top navigation menus “sticks” to the top of the browser window. The idea is to give visitors easy access to navigate the site.

sticky menu example

However, sticky menus might not always be the best option. This article discusses the problem with sticky menus and suggests alternatives such as creating shorter pages, letting visitors scroll, or including a “Back to Top” link.

Caring for Your Business


Do you really need to do all the marketing work?

This video explains T-Shaped Marketing: find the aspect of marketing that you understand best and want to focus on, drill down in that area, and then find team members (in-house or outsourced) to help with the other marketing areas.

Caring for Yourself


This infographic on the healing power of a purring cat might seem kind of cute, but there’s some scientific evidence here.

If you work from home, get a cat. It might improve your health! 🙂

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