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Caring for your WordPress website

WordPress Performance

When you’re ready for a website design update, your first inclination might be to consider the look of the site. You might have heard the term “User eXperience” (or UX design) and think that means you need great looking graphics.

And you do!

The graphical interface is very important, but UX design is more than graphic design. It includes your organization’s goals as well as the way website visitors navigate and access your website information. Because it’s difficult to completely understand how people will experience your website, UX web design is an ongoing process. In addition to planning ahead and research, you’ll need to keep tweaking UX design as you interact with visitors.

UX design also considers underlying, under-the-hood design features which help improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO).

In that sense, website re-design needs UX and SEO working together. Kinda like left brain and right brain harmony. 🙂

Consider these tips for optimal success.

Caring for Your Business


When you’ve done all you can integrating those great UX and SEO design tips, and it’s time to go live with your website, here’s a helpful website launch checklist.

Some of these checklist points are obvious—like reviewing your original website goals, double-checking all your content, and making sure you have an ongoing plan for maintenance.

But one critical step goes beyond your website. Make sure to connect your website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

AND…make sure you’ve setup your Google Business page profile with as much relevant information as possible—especially if you are a local business with a physical address.

I’ve seen new WordPress websites get very fast results from Google when clients also made the effort to make their Google Business page user-friendly.

Caring for Yourself


Once your website is up and running smoothly, you probably need a break. Time for some “user experience” outside, connecting with nature in the amazing environment in which you live.

These moments are critical for our well-being, giving us the opportunity to be aware of what is really real.

You’re probably familiar with the oft-used term “mindfulness” and its importance in mental health. But you might be less familiar with the word “contemplation” which, in the context of spirituality, refers to attention to the present moment.

In her book Radical Amazement, author Judy Cannato (1949–2011) writes:

“Often we think of contemplation as a practice that belongs in the realm of the religious, some esoteric advanced stage of prayer that only the spiritually gifted possess. This is not the case…. The nature of contemplation as I describe it here is one that lies well within the capacity of each of us.

“Contemplation is a long loving look at what is real. How often we are fooled by what mimics the real. Indeed, we live in a culture that flaunts the phony and thrives on glittering fabrication. We are so bombarded by the superficial and the trivial that we can lose our bearings and give ourselves over to a way of living that drains us of our humanity.

“When we are engaged in the experience and practice of radical amazement, we begin to distinguish between the genuine and the junk. Caught up in contemplative awareness and rooted in love, we begin to break free from cultural confines and embrace the truth that lies at the heart of all reality: We are one.”

AI generated drawing of winter gazing at stars and mountains
AI-generated with Adobe Firefly (and some creative human text prompts)

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