Small Matters - September 5, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site

Website Security

As a website owner or manager, you know the importance of WordPress plugin security, and of updating plugins and themes. WordPress makes this pretty easy, with the option to alert you when updates are available.

Sometimes, these updates cause conflicts but, generally speaking, they provide important performance and security fixes.

But what do you do when a plugin or theme gets neglected or abandoned by the developer? When that happens, you might never know of a security issue (or “backdoor”) that could cause big problems.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your plugins as they age. For example, if a plugin hasn’t been updated in a year, consider replacing it with another option. You can also use tools such as WPScan or the Site Scan feature in Solid Security which alerts you to WordPress plugin security vulnerabilities.

Caring for Your Business


I’ve read lots of great advice about decluttering.

In this article, one office decluttering tip stood out to me: discard (or give away) old cords sitting in your closet that “might” be of use some day.

I’m so guilty of this! But, I’m still learning.

Caring for Yourself

Mental Health

Sometimes, it’s easy to let go of something or someone. Other times—especially when the loss includes deep sorrow—it feels impossible to let go.

In my part of the world, deciduous leaves are turning from vibrant green to yellow, red, gold, and brown. They are falling. They will wither and become part of the soil.

This beautiful article reminds us of autumn’s annual lesson:

The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let things go. Let’s watch, learn, and shed our own leaves. Because like the tree, we are not defined by what we let go, but by what we grow in its place. The beauty of this season is not only in the vivid hues that paint the landscape, but in the lesson it teaches — that letting go can be a journey of unparalleled beauty and ultimate freedom.

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