Small Matters - December 5, 2023

Caring for your WordPress website

WordPress Security

If you’re maintaining your own WordPress website, you might already know the benefits of creating a WordPress Staging Site.

WordPress website security depends on keeping plugins and themes updated. These updates often provide security patches. If not updated, your website becomes an easy target for hackers.

When updating, you can hold your breath and click the Update button and then check the website to make sure nothing is broken. I do not recommend this option, although it can work for smaller updates. However, be careful with major updates or important plugins like Woocommerce or Elementor. I’ve seen plugin updates for both of those break websites. Even minor updates for any plugin can cause unexpected glitches or conflicts.

A safer method is to create a WordPress Staging Site. This is basically a clone of your website which you can experiment on. Make the updates on the staging site first, then check your site to ensure everything is working. A staging site keeps your live site untouched until you are confident that the updates will not mess things up.

Many WordPress-supportive hosting providers include an easy option for creating a staging site.

If your hosting provider does not provide a staging site option, there are good plugins, or you can do it manually. This article provides a good guide to various options for creating a staging site.

Caring for Your Business


Does your website have clear calls to action, encouraging visitors to respond in a desired way? This is a thorough guide and source of inspiring CTA ideas.

Caring for Yourself


I haven’t started my long-time goal of recommending inspiring books, but I’ll get there.

Last week, I came across this so-called children’s book, The Light. Like so many great children’s books, this one speaks to all ages.

The book asks: “Who is The Light? YOU are The Light! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if these were some of the very first words ever read to you?”

What kind of difference could we make if we looked for light in other people instead of being critical, envious, or fearful?

AI-generated with Adobe Firefly (and some creative human text prompts)

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