Small Matters - July 18, 2023

Caring for your WordPress site

Website Education

Are you confused about WordPress terminology?

Here’s a convenient glossary of common WordPress terms.

On the other hand, maybe you are a long-time WordPress user. If so, you might find many familiar plugins in this “periodic table” of WordPress plugins.

Very cute, but also a good resource for learning about the most popular plugins.

How many of these plugins do you use?

Website Performance

Using website analytics is an important part of understanding your website audience and how well your website is performing.

When it comes to analyzing how visitors are engaging (or not) with your website, most people think of Google Analytics. However, there are other great options available!

Take a look at some of these Google Analytics alternatives.

Caring for Your Business


Is you website environmentally friendly?

A fast-loading website increases the chances that website visitors will stay on your site longer. But it also means your website uses less energy.

Use this online tool from one of my recommended hosting companies to learn more and test your website to see how “green” it is.

Caring for Yourself


Do you think you have some odd habits?

Check out these daily routines of famous creative people.

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