Vancouver printers

Vancouver printers

At least once a month someone asks me for a recommendation for a quality Vancouver printer. With so many printing options available, it’s hard to create a list of the “best Vancouver printers.” One business might have a fantastic experience with a particular printer, while another business had a printing project that went all wrong with that same printer.

That’s where customer reviews can help. But what if you reply on positive reviews and then you’re that one business with the bad experience? Reviews can help, but they’re not enough.

I’ve worked in the graphics industry in metro Vancouver for over twenty years. Being at the pre-press and production end of things, I don’t always choose printers or work with them on the finished product. Some of the companies below are ones I have personally worked with. Some are printers my clients have chosen and I’ve supplied them with print-ready files. Others are companies used by designers I’ve worked with and I’ve seen the quality results.

When it comes to choosing a printer, make sure the printer’s expertise matches your specific project. There are many top-quality Vancouver printers who offer a range of print capabilities. But many are known for their expertise in a specific area. I suggest finding a printer who specializes in your specific project.

The following is a list of Vancouver printers with excellent reputations for quality service in specific areas.

Obviously, this is not an exhaustive list. Nor am I claiming that these Vancouver printers are the best or the cheapest (although they might be!). But these are quality printers, with good track records that I can recommend with confidence. You’re looking for recommendations, so here’s two local Vancouver companies for each major printing category/need. Over the years, I’ve had dealings with most of these companies; otherwise, I wouldn’t recommend them.

Promotional & Print Marketing Collateral (brochures, flyers, newsletters, catalogues, posters, etc.)

Hemlock Printers

Hemlock has been recognized as one of the top printers in Vancouver for many years. They offer a wide range of services utilizing some of the best equipment around for offset, digital, and large format printing. Their professional team is known for attention to quality.

Check out Hemlock Printers’ portfolio

Mitchell Press

One of the older printers in Vancouver, Mitchell Press is also one the largest. They are known for quality printing, of course, but customer service is where Mitchell shines. Their high customer satisfaction record is a result of a commitment to a unique blend of the best equipment, industry expertise, and a dedication to putting the customer first.

Check out Mitchell Press’ portfolio

Office product printing (stationary, forms, invoices, etc.)

Royal Printers

Another Vancouver printer with a long family-run history, Royal Printers offers a wide range of printing solutions. They are certainly capable of printing other print marketing collateral, but I especially recommend them for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, invoices, purchase orders, time cards, notepads, and whatever else your office needs printed.

And here’s why:

While most printers will talk about and work toward sustainability, using recycled paper and eco-friendly products, Royal seems to go a step further. They’re cutting back on traditional papers and replacing them with products that dramatically reduce deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions, and water consumption.

Check out Royal Printers’ portfolio

Contact Printing & Mailing

Contact is a full service print and mailing shop on the North Shore. That means you can get most of your printing needs done for your office. Contact is recognized for their dedication to helpful service for local businesses.

Check out Contact’s portfolio

Package printing

Glenmore Custom Print + Packaging

An impressive list of long-term customers testifies to Glenmore’s attention to quality printing and excellent service. In addition to their range of custom printing services, Glenmore prints some of the best paperboard packaging products in western Canada. They also print corrugated boxes, cartons, and sleeves in large or small runs. All printing, finishing, and assembly services are done under one roof. That means consistent quality from start to finish, as well as faster turnaround and lower prices.

Check out Glenmore’s portfolio

Great Little Box Company

With over 30 years of experience in producing corrugated boxes, GLBC has the equipment and expertise to produce a huge range of box sizes and shapes. If you need display cartons or Point of Purchase (POP) displays for floor or counter, GLBC is the place to go.

Check out GLBC’s product catalogue (PDF download)

Label Printing

Summit Print

While many printers will offer you label or sticker printing, Summit is one of Vancouver’s label printing specialists. In fact, it’s pretty much all they do. And they do it well.

Check out Summit’s portfolio

Tapp Label (now Resource Label Group – not local)

Tapp has built a reputation for high quality labels for the wine and spirits industry. They recently bought Metro Label, another long-term, high quality Vancouver label printer. If you need specialty, high-end labelling solutions (in-mold labels, shrink sleeves, two-ply labels), or specialty decorative finishes like, foil, holographic hot stamping or embossing, you can trust Tapp to deliver.


Sign Printing

Sandbox Signs & Graphics

There are many sign printing services in metro Vancouver. Sandbox, however, is one of the specialists with a proven track record. They help BC companies communicate with indoor and outdoor signs: from sandwich boards, window graphics and building signs to 3D signs, vinyl lettering, and interpretive signs.

Check out Sandbox’s portfolio

The Sign Place

The Sign Place offers complete, custom sign making services, from design to installation. They can create signs with a variety of styles such as aluminum, plexiglass, 3D lettering and lightbox. Large format, digital printing can be done on coroplast, PVC, vinyl and more.

Check out The Sign Place’s portfolio

Banners and Trade Show Printing Solutions (and Large Format Printing)

Dominion Blue Reprographics

Dominion Blue is another older Vancouver printer that has adapted and grown with changes in large format printing technology. In fact, they started over 100 years ago as a premier maker of blueprints. Today they offer a variety of printing services (including small format!) but are known for their high quality, large format digital printing and finishing capabilities. They also offer a full range of unique, top quality, portable display units for trade show needs.

Check out Dominion Blue’s portfolio

Exhibitree Display

As their name implies, Exhibitree specializes in trade show exhibit displays. They offer complete services, from concept and design to fabrication and installation.

Check out Exhibtree’s portfolio

That wraps up my list of recommended Vancouver printers. There are other specialty print categories I could have mentioned—like direct mail (I suggest Met Fine Printers or vehicle wraps (try Top Wraps)—but hopefully these recommendations point you in a good direction.

Of course, I’m always open to hearing other recommendations. Please comment below.

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