WordPress maintenance topics are not always that exciting. Important, yes. Exciting? Not really.

So I’ve re-arranged things in this week’s newsletter. Part of that includes a new format for Maintenance Monday on the blog. Just to make things a bit more interesting.

The focus of the newsletter is real-world small business websites built on the WordPress platform.

These are not necessarily websites I have worked with, nor are they meant to display the best designs or newest features. There are other sites that showcase trendy or edgy designs and cool features. Many of those sites are beyond the needs and budget of most small business websites.

In the newsletter I also connect readers with cool graphics and marketing tools and other resources (some for free!) as well as the Security, Performance, and Education articles of the week. Please consider subscribing. Every subscriber also gets my free ebook, A Small Business Introduction to WordPress Maintenance, an excellent reference as you learn to maintain your WordPress website.

WordPress Maintenance Articles

Security: Common Website Security Terminology Defined By Alycia Mitchell

Performance: Essential Plugins for WordPress Business Websites by Shaun Quarton

Education: Blogging Tips from the Publisher of 14,719 Articles by Steven Gliebe

Featured WordPress Website

Standoutbooks.com – Practical Publishing Advice for Authors

Who are they?

Publishing industry professionals who help writers edit, publish, and market books for publication.

What do they do?

A range of services that cover all stages of the writing process, including editing, proofreading, manuscript critique, print and ebook design services, and marketing/promotional services.

When did they start?


Where are they located?

London, England.

Why they do what they do.

“Standoutbooks is all about giving: giving authors the tools to develop and giving readers the opportunity to find their next great read.”

How are they using WordPress for their website needs?

Standoutbooks creates great content targeted to their customers. They publish a free blog that provides very helpful tips, guides, and author interviews. The interviews are a great way to show off customer testimonials without coming across as overly self-serving.

Beyond the free articles, they have an attractive way of encouraging people to sign up for their newsletters and get them on the email list. If you provide your name and email address, you can become a Standoutbooks member and receive access to their “Writer’s Toolbox” which includes writing and publishing templates, resources lists, and a story checklist.

They use the awesome WooCommerce plugin for selling their various services. This popular e-commerce plugin is often used for selling physical products online, but Standoutbooks puts it to good use selling intangible services.

Standoutbooks seem to be monetizing their website with ads in the sidebar. These are ok, but come close to being a bit overbearing. Fortunately, they are all products and services that their customers would be very interested in.

I also like their good use of social media sites that link back to the website—well branded and up-to-date. They must be busy keeping up with all these sites.

Overall, this is a nicely designed website, clean and uniquely branded with custom illustrations. Standoutbooks provides valuable content for their existing and potential clients. Great use WordPress’ power to deliver content, e-commerce and membership services.

What do you think about Standoutbooks.com? Do you have any additional comments or questions about their website?

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