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Essentials Care Plan

  • Regular WordPress and Plugin Monitoring & Updates
  • Regular Backups
  • Security Configuration and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Weekly Malware Scan

Partner Care Plan

  • Regular WordPress and Plugin Monitoring & Updates
  • Regular Backups
  • Security Configuration and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring & Optimization
  • Priority Customer Support: 1 hour miscellaneous updates or customizations
  • Connection with Google Search Console and Analytics for Site Optimization and SEO Foundations
  • Monthly Maintenance Report

Why Do You Need a WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Regular website maintenance helps avoid costly repairs down the road.

WordPress makes it easier to create a professional website. But maintaining a website takes time. As a busy website owner, you need to stay focused on what you do best.

You schedule vehicles and equipment for regular maintenance so they function at peak performance. In the same way, your website can benefit from regularly scheduled maintenance.

The last thing you want to interrupt your busy routine is technical website maintenance details.

A monthly maintenance plan can ease concerns like:

  • Is my website performing at peak performance so visitors get the best experience possible?
  • Do I have regular backups of my website in case something happens to my web server?
  • What if my website gets hacked?
  • How can I get up-to-date, professional training so I can use my website better?
  • Who can I trust to do the updates that are beyond my technical or creative abilities?

Provide the best experience for your website visitors

Core system files (WordPress, plug-ins, and theme) are updated as needed. We also check for incompatibilities when updating. An up-to-date website means visitors don’t get unexpected surprises.

Never lose important website data

Weekly off-site secure backups of your entire website (daily database backups).

Lockout Hackers

24/7 Security Monitoring and quick restoration in the event of a website intrusion.

Sleep well knowing a professional is caring for your website

Get the unique advantage of technical support and design assistance with a creative edge. With a monthly Partner Care Plan, you can call or email your requests at any time without worrying about extra charges (up to one hour per month)*

Build an even stronger website fortress

WordPress is quite secure but added security helps by adding benefits like blocking “brute force” login attacks, enforcing stronger passwords, hiding login page, and banning troublesome or “spammy” users.

Monitor the health of your website

A short overview of what’s been happening during each month’s maintenance.

* Got a custom project or a few tasks that need to get done? Just ask for additional support whenever you need it. We will send you an estimate.

WordPress Marketing

Your WordPress website is a valuable marketing tool for your business. Contact me to discuss your specific marketing goals and we’ll set up a custom solution for features like:

  • Website Design and Performance Optimization
  • Competitive Analysis and Keyword Optimization
  • Content Marketing and Email Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Conversion
  • Search Engine Optimization

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